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I thought there’d be more leftover meatloaf to make this shepherd’s pie but we ate so much last Tuesday night that I actually had to buy beef to add to it which felt sort of silly. It reminds me of my mother-in-law who used to throw a fabulous open house after Christmas called “The Leftover Party.” But over the years the guest list became so large that she began to have to cook extra turkeys and hams for the “leftovers!”

Anyway, I did use up the extra meatloaf and I added mushrooms to the shepherd’s pie for the first time so that was a nice twist on the recipe.


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Flowers from my husband, dinner cooked by my friend Pippa who watched my kids while I had a job interview. I am a very lucky woman.

Pippa is a wonderful natural cook and she made us all Shepherd’s Pie for dinner. She’s actually British so I paid close attention while she cooked. (Actually, I blabbed on and on about how the interview went). But I did notice that she is much more generous with the Worcestershire sauce than I am and next time I make Shepherd’s Pie, I will be too!

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A child home sick, so Thursday’s dinner on Monday because I had most of the ingredients already. A new version of shepherd’s pie. I used leftover meatloaf instead of pot roast or beef stew. To flavor the meat I added 1 T. tomato paste and an 8.5 oz (little box) of beef stock in addition to the Worcestershire sauce. It worked out really well. The adults didn’t like it quite as much but the kids liked it better. Now we’re starting to think that any dinner that you cover in mashed potatoes would be good.

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