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The Unnatural Cook

a chronicle of weekly meal plans from someone who can't just throw a meal together

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The freezer is almost empty of everything except ice cream and waffles. In the summer my mother would sometimes serve fruit salad and coffee ice cream for I think it’s time to do the same with my own kids.

I managed to cobble together a meal of arancini, onion soup and, because one kid doesn’t like onion soup, ravioli. It was obviously heavy on the starch, but no one complained. My husband hit on the genius idea of popping some of the ravioli in the oil that was frying and making some fried ravioli too. I will try to focus on the veggies when I make a meal plan on Sunday.

I’m happy I made it through the week relying totally on the freezer but I’m already starting to worry about how I’ll manage next fall when I have school and a TA job. I think things might fall apart – I’m going to have to become that person who “whips things up” in thirty minutes.  No idea how that will happen.


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Last night was one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve ever spent in the kitchen because both kids helped me cook! Finn cut the bread & heated up the onion soup. Clementine cut & washed the broccoli, peeled & sliced the garlic, and cooked her pasta. All I had to do was cook the garlic broccoli. I was tired and didn’t want to cook and not having to do it alone made it all worthwhile.

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Onion Soup w/french bread & salad. As exciting as the onion soup was, and it was exciting, I must write about the french bread. Because last weekend, at the tender age of 44 I finally learned how to cut bread. It was Porkfest and I was trying to cut the bread for the bacon jam. The slices, as always began to taper: fat at the top, thin at the bottom. My brother-in-law watched in horror. “You’re bent over like this,” he said turning his body into an upside down L. “Stand up straight.” I stood up at an angle I considered to be straight and kept cutting. The slices were still slanty. “Stop leaning over to see what you’re doing!” I didn’t believe him. How does one cut without seeing where the knife is going? “Trust it!” he assured me. “Trust it.” I stopped trying to see the bottom of the bread. When I did that a miraculous thing happened: the knife straightened. It was not just that I was behaving like a contortionist, it’s that because I was slanted the knife was slanted and therefore the bread was slanted. Keeping my eye on angle of the top of the knife, making sure it was parallel to the cutting board, I produced an entire baguette’s worth of evenly cut slices of bread for the bacon jam. And I did it again last night for the onion soup. And I can’t believe nobody every told me such a simple thing before.

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