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a chronicle of weekly meal plans from someone who can't just throw a meal together

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Two new recipes: Lemon Chicken & Sauteed Jerusalem Artichokes.

Both represent a bit of changing of the ways caused by the blog. The chicken because I made an effort to plan based on what was leftover – some unused chicken legs in the freezer. The Jerusalem Artichokes because I saw them in the store last week and wrote it down on my meal plan thinking I could try to find a recipe for them for the following week. Sort of a baby step toward being inspired by ingredients while I’m shopping.

Both recipes are keepers. I did burn the chicken at the last minute by putting it in the broiler to crisp the skin and then forgetting about it. It wasn’t ruined, just slightly to the wrong side of charred.

The Jerusalem Artichokes were another Jamie Oliver recipe. I like the way he writes his recipes: the directions are clear enough so that the food turns out, but free enough so that you feel like you’re really cooking, not following instructions. I realize that contradicts everything I thought I wanted in the kitchen when I started the blog. But now that the blog has forced me to see that cooking is easier when you understand what you’re doing instead of when you’re following rules – I’m also free to see that certain recipes can actually teach you to become a more confident cook.

In other words, the Unnatural Cook is discovering she has an interest in becoming a Natural Cook after all….


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My mother gave me my Juice-o-Mat. It’s one of those rare objects that exceeds expectations in both form and function. I used it tonight to squeeze the lemon for the coleslaw because I was afraid I wouldn’t get the required 4t. of lemon juice from my one lemon. Juice-o-Mat came through.

Dinner was a new recipe: Turkey Sloppy Joes from Real Simple. It was fast, easy and everybody liked it. There was a request to make the Sloppy Joes less sweet so maybe I’ll cut the brown sugar in half next time. I looked up dressing for the Lemon Coleslaw on Epicurious and added poppy seeds to the recipe. I used a Meyer lemon which gave it a nice, soft flavor. I also served leftover baked beans from the freezer as a side dish but that was a mistake; the beans and the sloppy joes tasted too similar. We still seem to be on a summer food kick – apparently global warming also affects taste buds.

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