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The Unnatural Cook

a chronicle of weekly meal plans from someone who can't just throw a meal together

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It has been a week of trading children with friends while the adults rush around doing adult things. On Monday, I hosted the kids and made  Oven Baked BBQ Chicken and baked potatoes. Tuesday night was my turn to rush around and my children were fed without any help from me!


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Flowers from my husband, dinner cooked by my friend Pippa who watched my kids while I had a job interview. I am a very lucky woman.

Pippa is a wonderful natural cook and she made us all Shepherd’s Pie for dinner. She’s actually British so I paid close attention while she cooked. (Actually, I blabbed on and on about how the interview went). But I did notice that she is much more generous with the Worcestershire sauce than I am and next time I make Shepherd’s Pie, I will be too!

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This was my only contribution to dinner tonight – cupcakes. And to be honest, my kids made the batter and decorated them. Tonight we ate with friends and there’s nothing I like better than being invited to dinner. I enjoy it more than going out to a restaurant. At a restaurant I still have to make choices: What kind of food should we have? Where should we sit? What should I order? Appetizers and dessert/or dessert? Are we splurging on drinks? But when someone cooks for me there’s not one decision I’m responsible for; its the highest form of relaxation. We had a spectacular meal: beef tenderloin with pomegranate port reduction, garlic potatoes, butternut squash and salad. I came home with another Jamie Oliver cookbook to borrow and a recipe for slow cooker pulled pork which is going to be on a meal plan very soon. Thank you Keanys!

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