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Okay, how great is this? Chili Pizza! My kids idea for what to do with leftover chili.

It’s store bought pizza dough, rolled out and topped with chili, jack cheese, a smattering of mozzarella cheese, scallions and jalapeños. I was skeptical of the idea for which there is no accounting. It was so good and it couldn’t have been easier. It’s beginning to look like we’d all be better off if I could just turn the kitchen over to the children.

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It’s good to have good friends. They can come to dinner, you can feed them chili, drink too many beers, make false statements about John Dos Passos, and they still respect you in the morning. (I remembered that he stuck with Stalin and his friends turned against him, but really, he turned on Stalin and went with McCarthy & Goldwater!) There are so many ways to get it wrong in this life when you’re trying to get it right….

Dos Passos is quoted as saying, “What is the use of being a man if you are wrong?” I say, being wrong is not the problem; the unwillingness to be wrong is. Men and women get themselves into trouble not by making mistakes, but by being unwilling to see them and change course.

Now how on god’s earth that’s supposed to lead me back to chili I have no idea…..Really, all I wanted to do was add the instructions for how to make the ancho chili powder that I left out of the chili recipe.

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I did it again. I burnt what I was cooking because I was writing about it. A whole batch of chips. The point of making our own nacho chips is that it’s cheap and easy. Only it’s not cheap or easy if I have to do it twice. I know one of these days the camera is going to fall in the food. It’s only a matter of time.

The chili nachos were made from leftover chili. The recipe is from Cooks Illustrated and long ago John added a twist which is now standard operating procedure. He made ancho chili powder by toasting dried ancho chilies and grinding them into powder with our old coffee grinder. So in addition to regular chili powder, this recipe has ancho chili powder. The chili takes about an hour to prepare and then you can leave it on the stove to simmer or you can throw it in the crockpot if you need to leave house. It usually feeds the four of us for at least three meals.

Tonight we added a new condiment, red jalapenos from the bodega next door. City life is full of inconveniences but the trade off for all the noise and for never being quite sure where your car is parked is that when you realize, two minutes before dinner, that there are no jalapenos in the house the solution is steps away.

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