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The Unnatural Cook

a chronicle of weekly meal plans from someone who can't just throw a meal together

It was a family affair in the kitchen last night: my daughter made the salad and my husband helped me cook the tortilla. Fine Cooking’s Spanish Tortilla is one of those recipes that I associate with Pepperoncini Pasta: a staple of our repertoire from the early days of our marriage when we got Fine Cooking Magazine and he did all the cooking! The tortilla is an odd combination of no-fail and slightly involved. It seems to have a lot of separate steps where you have to be careful (slice potatoes 1/8 inch thin, cook them in oil, don’t let them brown,  repeat process with onions that also have to be very thin but not brown…)

We usually do everything in one pan but this time he did the potatoes and I did the onions at the same time. Later I commented how much more relaxed it seemed to be to make the tortilla together, but then I realized that after cooking the onions, I whisked the eggs and then left the kitchen where he and my daughter finished dinner. So I think maybe it was relaxing because he did most of the work!


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