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The Unnatural Cook

a chronicle of weekly meal plans from someone who can't just throw a meal together

I finally made the gazpacho and quesadillas which is a good thing, the vegetables were doing their best to hold out for me, but they were straining.

I made the gazpacho during the day which is my favorite time to make dinner. I would have made a great European. I loved living in Italy during my junior year of college where, from 12 to 4 pm, school closed, shops closed everyone went home, ate a proper meal, slept and then went on with their day. I think those four hour blocks of time 8 – 12, 12 – 4, 4 – 8 made for a nice life. You gave the thing you were doing its due. The way we run things around here, run being the operative word, days are like marathons: if you stop you might not make it to the end. I like the Italian way better. Enjoy work for work and school for school and family for family and food for food; one thing at a time.

I try to make life as Florentine as possible here in Brooklyn. Appreciating the thing I’m doing or the people I’m with while I’m doing it or while I’m with them. I think, if, at the end of this year, I can enjoy making dinner as much at 6:00 as I do at 2:00 I will have accomplished something.


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