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The Unnatural Cook

a chronicle of weekly meal plans from someone who can't just throw a meal together

For many years now I have missed one of the highlights of Passover Weekend: Uncle Saul’s Matzoh Brei.

We are an equal opportunity family when it comes to religion, myself being Jewish and my husband not, so we often find ourselves rushing the day after the seder to celebrate Easter with friends at the Jersey Shore. But this year, with Passover in Vermont, Easter was off the table. That meant that after years of bemoaning my fate, I was present for Uncle Saul’s Matzoh Brei. The maztoh brei of my own youth was a mushy, wet affair that spread around the plate in an unappetizing sprawl. It was a sad replacement for french toast, not a delicacy in its own right.

Uncle Saul’s Maztoh Brei is something else entirely. Firm and buttery, chewy and salty and sweet and completely and utterly addictive. It also comes with a bonus: The Flip. The Flip is when Uncle Saul gathers all the assembled relatives into the kitchen to flip the brei like an Italian chef might flip a pizza, throwing it into the air and catching it in the pan. Before the flip is performed it is named, like a dive with points for degree of difficulty. Scoring is harsh: points are taken off for any crumb left on floor; Uncle Saul is one of 5 brothers and brothers show no mercy. But let it be known: four maztoh breis were made this weekend and all four ended up back in the pan. I suppose like the four questions, the answer was never really in doubt.



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