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The Unnatural Cook

a chronicle of weekly meal plans from someone who can't just throw a meal together

Tonight’s photographs are very deceptive. The meal looks so beautiful but things went wrong. That pork loin sizzling in the pan is meant to be roasting in the oven, but it wouldn’t cook! After doubling the cooking time given in the recipe I gave up, sliced it in half and seared it. (This is when it’s good to be an unnatural cook married to a natural cook who can come home and tell you what to do.) The recipe for Balsamic Glazed Pork with Lentils comes from Real Simple Magazine and I’ve made it successfully in the past; so theoretically, there shouldn’t have been a problem. I think my tenderloin was too fat. To complement my undercooked meat I served overcooked lentils (really not something I recommend). I remember liking this lentil salad with lemon, celery, apples and fresh parsley but I’m sort of the only one in the family who does. The pork was a hit though, and John suggested that next time I serve it with a white bean salad. Anybody got a recipe for one of those?


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